Review of Best 6 Hair Dryer (that are not Dyson) ​

Review of Best 6 Hair Dryer (that are not Dyson) ​

While a hairdryer looks like any other household appliance in many ways, choosing the wrong one could be potentially damaging to your hair (and your looks!). Over-drying and split ends are just 2 of the potential dangers, so it’s important to choose a good hair dryer that meets the needs of your hair. With an extensive variety of hair dryers available in the market, which then is the best hair dryer in Singapore? check out our latest 6 Best Hair Dryers in Singapore for a balance of good quality and budget.

We’ve done the research and found the best hair dryers you can get. Check out our top picks below.

1) Philips Pro HPS910 Hair Dryer

The Philips Prestige Pro hairdryer features 2100 watts for powerful airflow, and is equipped with a professional AC motor that reaches up to 160km/h. The two slim concentrator nozzles allow precise styling, enabling you to achieve the perfect dry every time.

Your hair is your crowning glory, and now you can wear it like royalty with the Philips Pro HPS 910 Hair Dryer. Powerful airflow gives you 40 percent faster drying times, leaving your hair silky, smooth and shiny. Ionic conditioning keeps your style from static, while the ThermoProtect temperature prevents overheating of the hair, maintaining its natural glow. The result? You’ll have confidence to spare.

2) Tefal HV1342 Hair Dryer

HV1342 by Tefal is the ideal travel companion for flawless hair. It comes with a foldable handle, which makes it super compact and lightweight, yet very powerful as it’s equipped with 1400 Watts. The 3-directional airflow is responsible for the fast, yet perfect drying and styling of your hair. The 2 speed and the cold shot on this model are perfectly suited for shorter, thicker hair!

This mini blow dryer is the perfect size to travel with, yet it still comes with a full set of features like 3 different speed and temperature settings, and an easy to use concentrator nozzle. It can also be folded down easily so it’ll fit in your luggage without issue. There's no need to worry about your hair when you’re on the move!

3) Revlon One-step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

This hair dryer ranked as #1 for the best 2-in-one hair dryer! Nailing down your blowout technique is a challenge, even at a salon. The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer aims to simplify the process by simultaneously drying and styling your hair with nylon and tufted bristles to help detangle, add volume, and smooth your hair in half the time. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to handle, and features three heat settings and two speed settings for your specific hair type.

Create voluminous hair with this professional blow dryer from Revlon. Its oval shape allows you to get as close to your roots as possible, so you can create massive volume and bouncy movement. The 3 heat and 3 speed settings come in handy to style different types of hair, while the cool shot button helps keep your style in place longer.

4) Red by Kiss

Ranks #1 for most affordable hair dryer
Annagjid "Kee" Taylor, a celebrity hairstylist and author of "All Hair Is Good Hair. Has this to say about this hair dryer: "This dryer is so lightweight and is not too much of a burden on your arms, this is very important when you are using the dryer the whole day day at the salon" She also loves it as it gets hot quickly, but not too quickly as that can signify an unsafe appliance. It also comes with an attachment for air con. This is important as it allows you to concentrate the heat on certain sections of your hair, while ensure that no damage is done. Price on amazon is approximately USD 40, with a 4.4 star overall rating.

5) Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer

Another on the list by Revlon. This model is the best-selling hair dryer on Amazon.com at the time of writing, with an impressive 4.6 Stars overall from over 16,000 reviews in total. Create mounds of perfectly formed curls with this hair dryer from Revlon.

It employs a combination of tourmaline and ionic technology. This helps users achieve an at-home blowout free of pesky flyaways and frizz. The hot tool is equipped with two heat and two speed settings — and as a bonus, Revlon throws in a few accessories: a nozzle concentrator for smoothing the hair, a diffuser that enhances curls and duckbill clips for sectioning the hair. This kit is perfect for beginners or those who have yet to master their curling iron skills or pros who are looking for a one-stop hair dryer to do it all!

6) Nobby by Tescom NTCD50 Collagen Ion Hair Dryer

Collagen Ion producing.

Feel like a million bucks with the Nobby Collagen Ion Hair Dryer. Its innovative design keeps your hair glossy and soft with moisture, and your hair colour bright after use. With moisturizing collagen, platinum nano-sized mist, and triangle negative ions that this hair dryer emits protects and shields the hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduces damage.

The Platinum Nano Care technology is so amazing that it not only cares for your hair, but also pampers your scalp and skin. Like a beauty serum, the collagen improves the thickness and elasticity of your hair, skin, and scalp, while the nano mist adds and locks in moisture to your hair’s cuticles and skin. Lastly, the platinum particles- together with collagen - give your hair a silky and glossy finish.