Ergoworks Vs Take a Seat Vs NextChair. Ranking Singapore’s Best Ergonomic Chairs

Disclaimer* This post is NOT sponsored. The opinions of this ergonomic chair review article are based on our personal opinions after trying them.

Ranking Singapore's Best Ergonomic Chairs.

Ergoworks Vs Take a Seat Vs NextChair.

Which brand offers the best value? There's so much that goes into it. Adjustable seat height, seat width and depth, seat tilt, backrest/lumbar support, reclaimable backrest, wheel swivels, armrests, headrest… the list goes on!

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect ergonomic chair. It's not just about how much it costs—it's about finding one that fits your style, your body, and your specific needs. So let's help you find the best of the best ergonomic chair in Singapore. You deserve it!

Read our Ergonomic Chair Review for the best available in the matket. After lots of research, customer reviews and personally testing dozens of ergonomic chairs, in this Ergonomic Chair Review, we found that NextChair offers the best office chair for any budget.

Ranked #1: NextChair

Singapore's Top Choice Regardless Of Budget

In this Ergonomic Chair Review for the best chair, we found NextChair to be just as good as any premium ergonomic chair brands, but so much more affordable!

We were blown away by how many adjustments these chairs have. They’re made to fit people of all sizes, and they’re built to last. On top of that, they come at an amazing price!

Are you stressing out about Ergoworks Vs Take a Seat Vs NextChair? Take a break, we'll summarize it for you! If you’re looking for a comfortable, adjustable chair that can fit anyone and last the test of time, look no further than the line of ergonomic chairs by NextChair.

If you're in need of a new chair, consider giving NextChair's line of ergonomic chairs a try! Our personal advice, forgo expensive branded chair brands. NextChair is just as good but way more affordable.

Top Features of NextChair

  • Specially Formulated German Air Mesh

Very comfortable mesh, even after long hours of sitting. While exploring ergonomics chairs we, we found NextChair to have the most comfortable mesh amongst all the brands, even compared to other chairs not mentioned in this article. In our ergonomics Chair Review to understand which one is the best, we found that the NextChair Luxe mesh seat was by far the most comfortable among any brand of ergonomic chair we've tested.

If you're looking for an affordable ergonomic chair that will provide comfort and support for long hours of sitting, you can see our review on Ergonomic Chair and after seeing it you can stop your search right here because you've.

NextChair's mesh uses a unique hybrid of high-density reinforced fabric and polyester. It's specially designed to maximize both comfort and durability, we found that even after sitting in it the whole day, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable unlike other brands. The breathable material keeps cool while the ergonomic support keeps your back straight and your posture aligned.

The NextChair Luxe is also built to last, strong enough to withstand years of use—whether you're using it at the office or around the house.

  • 11 customizable points

First read our reviews on the ergonomic chairs than u will believe our NextChair is the chair that adjusts to you. In this Ergonomics Chair Review post, we found that we can easily adjust 11 different structural points, allowing you to tailor the chair to your own body structure. Each of these adjustments allows for maximum ergonomic health and comfort. 

The NextChair Luxe's unique design allows for infinite adjustment possibilities! You can customize according to your height, weight, body type (tall and lanky. Short and stocky.) and even how often you move around at work. No matter how much or how little you rest during a typical day at work, NextChair will always be ready to meet your changing needs.

  • Ergonomic Chair To Identify the Best One: Stringent quality checks 

According to our Ergonomic Chair Review NextChair has a strong focus on quality and has been producing excellent products for over a decade. They have a rigorous system for ensuring that all of their products meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry. This ensures that customers are always given high-quality products that will last for years to come!

  • Certifications - BIFMA, ISO SGS, CE, ISO

With a global rating of 4.3 stars and more than 13000 Review on Ergonomic Chair, it combines ergonomics, comfort, and value for money We appreciate the fact that NextChair has taken the time to obtain these certifications and we are confident the ergonomic chairs they produce will support you in all ways for a long time. It speaks of how responsible the company is in providing quality products to their customers.

  • Premium but affordable Ergonomic Chair.

Ergonomic Chair Review: we tried many other ergonomic chairs too. NextChair's quality is just as good as other premium brands such as Ergotunes, Ergoworks. etc. However NextChair is way more affordable. - Luxe Model sells at $499 (and they offer +10% off on their website) (Total: $449)

- Classic Model sells at $399 (Extra 10% off on their website) (Total: $349) 

Why is it more affordable?

1) No expensive showroom rentals (they have a showroom in their Head Office) so no expensive rentals just for a showroom

2) No expensive marketing or advertising (compared to other branded chairs that pay for expensive Youtube Ads / Influencers. etc) 

3) NextChair takes a lower profit margin. 

Top Recommended Model - NextChair Luxe

  • Best Rated Ergonomic Chair in Singapore 2022 by independent Best Ergonomic Chair Review company SG Top Choice
  • Best ergonomic back and neck support
  • Best value of money ergonomic chair in Singapore
  • Best ergonomic chair for improving sitting posture
  • Most comfortable mesh material
Visit their website here:

Ranked #2) Ergoworks

Ergoworks. A great ergonomic chair that is endorsed by Singapore chiropractic professionals.

Singapore's Top Choice For Big Spenders

We know that NextChair reigns supreme in the battle of Ergoworks Vs Take a Seat Vs NextChair. However, we would be remiss if we fail to mention the other top 2 brands in our list. Ergoworks' ergonomic chairs are pricey investments, upwards of $800 to $1,000 and more! If you have a higher budget, the investment is well worth it. With our decades of experience in doing reviews for the best Ergonomic Chair you can be sure that Next Chair provides the legit ergonomics with comfort

With our decades of experience in doing Ergonomic Chair Review you can be sure that Next Chair provides the best ergonomics with comfort We really love the Ergoworks sit-stand office chair. It is comfortable, supportive and durable. The fabric is soft and the backrest supports us throughout the day. Our sitting experience is truly improved in all ways possible. Plus, Ergoworks is available in a wide range of colors so you can customize their appearance for your workspace!

If you have a deep wallet and are willing to splurge on a good ergonomic chair, this might be the brand for you.

Top Features of Ergoworks

This is part of our Ergonomic Chair Review series, where we will also cover the features, benefits, and drawbacks of  Ergonomics chairs.

  • Ergoworks' extensive range of ergonomic products.
  • Lots of awards and accreditations. Ergoworks has been constantly evolving together with the industry, developing new and better products to make sitting better for Singaporeans.
  • Ergoworks has a professional showroom with highly trained ergonomic specialists to recommend the best for your ergonomic needs. However do remember that with expensive showroom rentals, the cost of your chair will be more expensive too.

Top Recommended Model - Duorest D250

  • New generation DUOREST D200 equipped with ITALY DONATI self-tilting tension mechanism
  • Best Ergoworks ergonomic chair for its price range

Ranked #3) Take a Seat

TakeAseat. A quality ergonomic chair that is comfortable, and is equipped with flexible lumbar support with depth adjustment.

Singapore's Top Choice For Aesthetics

Take a seat is our middle ground when comparing between the top dogs: Ergoworks Vs Take a Seat Vs NextChair. TakeAseat's pricing is just right for its quality and is compatible with most types of desks and workstations. They have too sponsored Mediacorp's Third Rail TV series, a fast-paced action thriller, which features the TakeAseat ergonomic chair. (However do note again that with sponsorships, come a higher price tag of their chairs)

The Next chair ergonomic chair is also designed for maximum comfort and support in any environment. In our nest chair we Providing stability and comfort while reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. 

Now let us explain why we said that in this one of the best ergonomics chair, ergonomic chairs are designed to help you feel more at home and less like you're just waiting for something to happen.

So are you interested in an ergonomic chair that looks good as much as it feels good? If so, purchasing Next chair ergonomic chair might be your next best purchasing decision!

Top Features of TakeAseat

  • Ergonomic chairs with solid aluminum frames for ultimate structural integrity
  • 4D adjustable armrests with adjustable seat depth
  • Fully-ventilated, with a proprietary mesh-fabric blend
  • Adjustable features for the perfect fit, no matter the body shape or size. 

Top Recommended Model - Sapphire Luxury Ergonomic Chair

  • An improvement off a prior well-loved ergonomic chair model, dubbed as the improved Sail Chair 2.0
  • New, upgraded design that makes it even more comfortable than its predecessor

Summary: NextChair is our top ranked Ergonomic Chair

In our Best Ergonomic Chair Review, we found NextChair to have the the same Premium quality just as good as any other brands out there. But at a way lower price. As explained above, no expensive showroom rentals, no expensive marketing costs, and NextChair takes a lower profit for each chair. 

While other ergonomic chair brands take a higher profit margin, pay for expensive showroom rentals, and expensive marketing Youtube/Influencers costs. These costs then get passed on to us consumers!

Visit their website here

Disclaimer* This post is NOT sponsored. The opinions of this ergonomic chair review article are based on our personal opinions after trying them.