Here are 5 recommended washing machines to give your clothes an effective wash

Review of the Top 5 Washing Machine

Experiencing decision fatigue with tons of choices out there? How do you know which washing machine to use? Here are my top 5 recommendations.


LG 4.5-Cubic-Foot Front-Load Washing Machine

It's plain to see that LG is the top brand in washing machines. Its products are more reliable and efficient than most others on the market, and with over 20 years of experience, LG knows their stuff. This washing machine is designed to handle your largest loads with ease, and it comes with a number of convenient features to make laundry day as easy and efficient as possible. The LG WM4000HWA has a large capacity that easily accommodates big loads, and its 12 wash cycles are flexible enough to handle just about anything, from darks to delicates . The cycle also features SteamFresh sanitizing and TurboWash settings. Not to mention, the machine's convenient 27-inch width allows you to fit more items in at once.

2) JLab Talk

In our tests, the Miele W1 was just as effective at removing stains and gently handling fabrics as the LG WM4000H—and it should last twice as long, while costing only a few hundred dollars more. And yet it’s built to last a lifetime. The catch? It’s expensive—much more than any other front-loader we tested—and finding Miele models and technicians in some parts of the country can be hard.

3) Electrolux ELFW7537AT

 The Electrolux ELFW7537AT is our best washing machine overall. It’s easy to use, offers great capacity and is a good all-rounder. Reviewers praised its flexibility, including its ability to accommodate large loads and even duvets with ease. With an appealing design and easy-to-use features, this model is perfect for almost every scenario. There are plenty of wash cycles to choose from as well, with options such as sanitize, eco temperature and steam. We love the performance of this model, but it’s also easy to use and stylish. This high-end, high capacity machine looks fantastic in any home — especially if you have a large family as it uses just 6 litres of water per load! Solid soil level option and quick cycle. Its quiet operation makes it perfect for late night cycles. Plus, this washing machine removes stains -- even stubborn ones -- thanks to technology.

4) Beko RecycledTub WTK94121W

As well as getting clean, this washing machine has a conscience. Beko’s RecycledTub range uses recycled plastic bottles which contribute to around 10% of the materials used in each machine, which is a positive start. With its family-sized 9kg capacity and decent 1,400rpm spin speed, this is an inexpensive washing machine. Not only do users praise the low noise level, but also the performance and wash cycles in particular the quick wash which doesn’t take any longer than half an hour to get your clothes clean. This smart, intuitive machine is easy to use and affordable. It's also packed with handy features that make life a little easier.


5) 5 AEG L9FEB969C

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